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Termékkód: DODARKT

Doepfer Dark Time Analog Sequencer red LEDs

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158 800 Ft


The unit can play two sequences each with up to eight steps or one sequence with up to 16 steps. Different running directions like forward, backward, random are available and even a "custom" mode which allows for programming your own modes. In the 2x8 mode each sequencer row can play on a separate MIDI channel and they can have different sequence lenghts and running modes.

Each step offers a number of options like skip, mute and reset as well as stop, continue and jump which determine if a step is played or not or if a trigger is output.

The sequences can also be quantised. The Dark Time can be controlled by the internal clock oscillator or externally by clock and start inputs or via MIDI or USB. Transposing sequences is possible by CVs, MIDI or USB.

Features overview

  • Two rows with 8 controls each
  • For each step:
    • - rotary control 
    • - red LED
    • - three-position switch On/Off/Skip
      • On = trigger signal is active for this step
      • Off = no trigger for this step
      • Skip = step is skipped
    • - three-position switch Stop/Continue/Jump
      • Stop = sequence stops here
      • Continue = sequence continues
      • Jump/Reset:
        • If only one of the 16 toggle switches is in the Jump position a Reset is carried out (i.e. sequence jumps to stage 1)
        • If two or more of the switches are in the Jump position the sequence jumps to the next step with the switch in the Jump position and then continues from this position (until another step with the switch in the Jump position is reached and then the same procedure is carried out again)
  • Several operating modes:
    • 1x16 (i.e. the two rows are daisy-chained)
    • 2x8 (i.e. both rows run in parallel)
    • 1-8 Combi (lower row set individual gate lenght of the upper row)
  • Several running directions:
    • forward
    • backward
    • random
    • CV scaling: 1V/Octave standard (note: not suitable to control devices with Hz/V scale !)
    • several voltage / tuning ranges: 1V, 2V, 5V (corresponding to 1/2/5 octaves)
    • gate voltage 0/+5V (please refer to the remarks below concerning devices with S-Trigger or Korg MS10/MS20)
  • Quantization on/off/custom scale
    when quantization is "off" the resolution is still 10 bit (i.e. 1024 steps over the full rotating range of each potentiometer), from this the term "quantization off" is not fully correct, with
    quantization "on" the resolution is 13/25/61 steps for 1/2/5 octaves
  • Transpose via switch (-1/0/+1 octave), Midi/USB or external CV input
  • Timing control, selected by a three position switch:Analog interface for CV/gate/clock/Start-Stop (inputs and outputs, 3.5 mm miniature jack sockets)
    • internal via built-in clock oscillator with frequency and pulsewidth controls
    • external via Midi/USB
    • external via analog clock/start/stop
  • MIDI interface
  • USB interface (power supply via USB is not possible)
  • Powered via external power supply (12 AC/min. 400mA) for 230V

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Bruttó súly 2kg
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